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Are you insured and bonded?
and for your peace of mind we provide our maids with a copy of all of our
Must I be at home when you clean my house?
Absolutely not
- it is solely your decision.
How would my keys be protected?
All keys are placed in a safety deposit box which is locked away in our office.
Only the owner has the combination code.
How many maids will clean my home?
Our cleaning team consists of 4 maids. Out of the 4 Maids, one will be supervisor.
The supervisor's job is to inspect the home to insure the home has been cleaned thoroughly.
What if I would like something cleaned that is not part of your house cleaning

No problem--all requests can be done for an additional charge.
It痴 best to call prior to your appointment to schedule a special project cleaning.
Do I need to provide my own house cleaning products?
Absolutely not-all cleaning products are provided by Modern Maids.
However, if you wish for our maids to use your own personal cleaning products we would be happy to.
Will I always have the same cleaning service team?
all maids have been highly trained, uniformed and given a special systematic assignment.
This is repeated during every visit to your home.
How do I pay for my residential cleaning services?
Pay pal, money orders, personal checks with I.D and cash.
Is the work of your house cleaning services guaranteed?
- If you aren't satisfied with the service, we will kindly come back to fix the problem.
Are your cleaning employees authorized to work in the U.S?
Absolutely. Yes.
Will your team get on step ladders to clean high areas?
-and we also use the latest cleaning equipment that will better help us get to and reach high areas in the homes.
What should I do about my pets during the house cleaning? 
As much as we love pets, we suggest that pets be put away during the cleaning.
This will allow our maids to better efficiently get the job done on time.
What are your rates for your house cleaning services?
Our rates depend on many factors such as the size of your home, how many rooms and square feet.
Large homes could take longer during the initial clean as to cleaning a smaller home.
The goal is to get the house up to its standards to becoming clean.
After the initial cleaning we will come back at your request to perform a maintenance cleaning.
Maintenance cleanings are done to keep the upkeep in your home so that it won稚 go back to its old conditions.


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